Should I buy drip feed youtube comments?

Comments from real people on YouTube increase confidence in your video. It is obvious that videos without comments look suspicious. Comments with replies and upvotes guarantee that the video and comments are 100% natural. Everyone wants their videos to be realistic.

We can see some videos on YouTube which have 100,000 views 250 likes and 0 comments. It hits you in the eye and lowers confidence in the videos (product, service, channel and any other content) at the same time. You can increase trust by purchasing reviews from different users with a realistic time frame. It shows people that your content is interesting and increases trust. This is why comments are so important.

Another factor to consider when commenting on a video is ranking. YouTube takes many signals into account when ranking a video. Comments are part of it. It’s really hard to rank a video without buy drip feed youtube comments. If you’re looking for a ranked video, you can see that it has comments, responses, and upvotes.

Personalizing comments allows you to manage people’s opinions. This is necessary for every creator of YouTube.

Personalized or generic comments?

Personalized comments are the best way to manage context, people’s opinions, include video in your marketing campaign, and you can expect additional help with your video content.

How do we work?

We manage accounts of men, women and nicknames. The male and female stories have American (white, black, Hispanic, mixed, etc.), English, German, French, Hispanic, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Indian, Israeli and Italian names. Nickname accounts are common nicknames like ‘Dictator’, ‘Mr.X’, ‘BigBoy’ etc. which can be found on any video. These are good for game videos or for randomizing comments under your video.

All accounts are active and have history, some have downloaded playlists and videos. They also have real photos, random avatars / movies / games and some have no photos at all.

You can select the accounts you prefer (or combine them) that you want to use for your order (Men, Women, Names, Nicknames, With or Without photo). Examples of our work are available below.

In fact, we are able to work according to the schedule you want, but we recommend that you do not post comments too often. After ordering, we will email you a confirmation and some YouTube safety tips that may be helpful in protecting your channel and may be helpful in your YouTube journey. Check your junk / spam folder if you haven’t found the mail in your inbox.

Where do the comments come from?

The comments come from all the countries of the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, China, l ‘Italy, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel etc.

What types of videos are most preferable for your comments?

We provide comments for all kinds of videos like music, vlogs, video games, comedy / sketches, guides, tutorials, unpacking, education, parodies, pranks, products, services, reviews etc. Choose preferable accounts for your video in order to get better results and make it more realistic.

How many comments do I need?

You can order as many comments as you want. The typical rate of view comments depends on your niche. For example, for a music video, it is 1 comment per 1000-2500 views, for a vlog or a game video, it is 1 comment per 150-300 videos.

The same thing about likes, 1 as per 20-50 views is ok for vlogs and game videos. If you want to rank your video, give more comments, likes and social cues.

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